Saturday, February 28, 2009

Deaths Descent

He desperately clung onto its fur
As it clung onto its life
Escaping through every breath exhaled…

The vacancy of its eyes
Clouded with a murky darkness
Were transfixed onto a spot
I couldn’t quite see,
Neither could he

Closed his eyes
Vigorously stroking the back of its neck
As if to muster the settling speckles of life,
For its flesh was still warm.

It lay in a deadly stillness,
Helplessly heaving,
As death sucked out the breath of life,
Leaving a pungent odor that clung onto them both
Like the hoard of flies
That began to gather around them.
The descent of death could not be shaken off…


Ugandan girl said...

i like the way you write....

hope you are having a good weekend...

I K Nakueira said...

not a pet fan but death sucks in watevr form. u shld watch skynews 2day, people in china r eating cats! yack!!