Sunday, January 3, 2010

Been in need of some Poetic respiration...

Inhale Inspiration,

Smells of green sprouts

New thoughts begin to bud and beam

Words take life

From lips are formed and take flight

light up the skyline like an array of colourful kites

Strung along by song birds and beat box bees,

Poetic vibes from smokey trees

Drift, drift and settle

In the dips of eager ears,

And curls of kinky hair,

Settles, and is absorbed

Like rain on thirsty land,

Like the touch of a lovers hand

It sends shivers down spines,

Flares in once darkened minds,

Gives sight to the once blind

Pollinates your mind

You’ll find all you need to do is take a moment and

Feel, heal, smell, taste, hear, be real

Take a moment to breath,


Set in motion poetic respiration.