Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Yet from this place
Was born, breed and raised;
Then was educated in intoxicating European ways.
Mentally cropped, chopped and divided
Like colonial territories
Disregarding natural geographical features and boundaries
Boarders drawn between legs,
Standing neither here nor there
Placed i was
All in the same place.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Addicted to knowledge...

My mind is laced
With a hunger for knowledge, I chase
Enlightenment, so through words I forage,
Searching… for what I do not know,
Yet yearn to know.
Searching… for the light
To fight off the encroaching darkness of ignorance.
Searching… for the light
That bleached the colour of my innocence ;
Enough to expose my nakedness
But not enough to dispel the surrounding darkness.
It faded, at the edge of the unknown
Left me, naked,
Vulnerable as an animal of prey.
So I attempt to cloth myself in these pages
But even suits of degrees studded with shimmering masters and PhD’s
are not enough to cover gaping holes of questions
That the light burnt into my mind;
Causing a quenchless thirst for knowledge,
A lifetime of mental dehydration,
This is the scholars fate,
Only through death will it satiate.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Daughter Outgrown

These clothes don’t fit me no more;
Shoes squeeze my feet and make them sore
Matching dress too tight and bursting at the seams
It seems I’ve gotten too big to fit in your ‘perfect family’ dream.
Clinging onto the little you let the girl slip away
Caught up in maternal disarray,
You fail to see that I’m still the same
Girl, just not little anymore;
But as your daughter, I shall always remain.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Tried my hand at Manga Hentai...

Okay thats the full page spread of my manga hentai, i was just sketching random thoughts and stuff...so its a bit rough, like the two at the top and bottom right arnt even shaded.

I could make a porno comic huh? I think i now have a mini erotic art collection, inclusive of horny poetry, manga henati and an erotic short story on the way! Who needs masturbation when you got art!! LoL!

And NO I don't watch porn. I just have a wild imagination...and had a few case studys...like the one at the top left...the only one that i didnt do a close up of...that wasnt from my head!!

The first one I drew which was totally from my head was the second last close up...I must admit it was quite fun drawing these...



Monday, April 6, 2009


Afro. Attitude. AfroTude.

A page from my old sketchbook.
Medium used is good old oil pastels!

The theme was hair as an extension of self.
The way we wear our hair often portrays an important part of our identity:
Long silky hair emphasizing femininity
Short crew cut emphasizing discipline and masculinity
Natural kinky hair emphasizing African ethnicity
...etc and the list could go on and on.
In particular, (at least to me) Afro's depict Defiant Bold Black Crowns (hence the 'attitude' - lol!!)
What better hairdo could I have picked to illustrate this?!

(This one is 4 u afrosistah, your afro poetry inspired this post! )