Friday, July 24, 2009

Where dogs go to die

You drew me out
As a blade would pressed to flesh.
Cloaked in the tantalizing nature of death
Like a night light to insects
You induce a deadly attraction,
A pleasure from pain,
Of which only you are to gain.

Stirring an urge
Deep in the wombs of women,
You thread a sorrowful scent of helplessness
By the careless flicker of your tail
Which you knew would be difficult not to trail

A dying dog
In search for its final resting place
I follow, at first, at a distance
Till you find a peace with me;

We share an intense intimacy
As you let me watch you
Undress your wounds
And dress them in pieces of me
Remained stained in your blood
Bound to your side
A bandage you bled through
Now used, healed and discarded,
Left only with a slashed scar, a reminder of you.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4 Jny23...

Sneak preview:

So, I decided to get my shit together and stop doodling and start painting for people. This one goes out to jny23...Why? Because he asked (was serious about it).
so here's what i came with today (I will spare you the sketches and doodles)
First Draft:
Medium: Watercolour
I know its abit all over the place with the colours and crazy background patterns but i was just experimenting, before i do the final thing in Oil paint on will eventually look more "together"
(hope the nudity is okay, not too much?)
Thanks for the support!