Monday, February 2, 2009

Sinking 'ship...

Blood relationship bound us together,
Together we sailed through storm and hail.
That’s why when we ventured too far,
Became damaged by these jagged icy waters,
I couldn’t let the ‘ship sink.

I wouldn’t let the ship sink;
Because he was on it,
And he wouldn’t jump off,
Despite the flashing red alarm bell ringing:
Abandon ship!
Leave your mental baggage behind,
Abandon ship!
Break free from the bondage of your mind.

But he never jumped.
I couldn’t either;
Because I had promised myself that I wouldn’t again,
Not until another year had passed…

I guess “everyone has their price”
Their limit.
Their breakeven point.
That silver-slick-jaded-broken-piece of an ice berg
Floating, semi-submerged
Somewhere in the ocean;
In the wide deep ocean of being.
A ‘ship sank.


philo-so-far said...

i understand wats all about...sorry about it..
so is he back to square one?
wat caused the sudden "big-headedness"
anyway shall chat about it

Robyn said...

I guess “everyone has their price”
Their limit.
Nicelly written got me thinkin leaning over my laptop,havent got the core of it fully
I love your verses.How r you?

I K Nakueira said...

great use of imagery.
I love the title...alot!

eizzy.k said...

@ Robyn, Think relation(ship)s, addiction, love, unsolved personal issues, broken promises...
and thanks...i'm holding up, been better but been worse u know?

@ Nakueira, thanks! yeah tryed to carry the theme through out.

@Philip, yeah...c u 2morow.