Saturday, February 14, 2009

Untitled poem i wrote last night...

I’m exhausted;
Like the fuel from a car my energy depletes me
Because someone left the engine running,
Thoughts cloud my mind.
Like thick heavy fumes polluting the true blue brilliant sky
Blocking the brainwaves of inspiration,
Causing scrambled stimulation,
My thoughts aren’t able to form and fly
Into the sky leaving streaks of poetic words and phrases,
Unlocking cages ,
Releasing the songs of caged birds.
Which for now, remain rustling in the folds of my mind.

I’m so exhausted,
Feeling creatively dry,
I damn these dark thoughtless clouds in the sky
Inhibiting me from flying.
I damn them!
And they damn me, in a crackle of thunder and lightning!
As if in response they begin to concentrate,
And the darkness of frustration begins to manifest,
Electric anger through the air vibrates
Breaking the tension of concentration.
The concentrated cloud of idle thoughts squeezes out :

A rain drop.
Onto my head, seeps into my head,
Forming a puddle of feelings and words
Which well strung
Into this piece of poetry.
Leaving lingering words
Hung in the air,
Trails of the flare of floetry.
Spoken poetry.

**Untitled....any suggestions?**


Robyn said...


Robyn said...

Amazing.This one.
i like.

normzo said...

Just to show that i have been round, read the poem...and ofcos left a signature.

cheers gal

eizzy.k said...

much apreaciated both of you...
yeah i've noticed ur presence mormzo, guess dats a cue 2 check out wats new on ur blog!

feather said...

your style is different, i like it.

eizzy.k said...

aw thanks feather...i like yours!

I K Nakueira said...

Hats off! beautiful, my best so far, take a bow,show is ovr begin chargin whoevr reads this blog.... apart 4rm me!

lulu said...

ummmm nice