Friday, January 16, 2009

Shit in your Mind

Constipated conceptions of the world clog your mind
Distorting the truths of life, clouding over your minds eye.
Your breath is made foul by the words you speak
That hint at a decaying soul, a stench that comes from deep...
Your regurgitated re-enactments of what you think being ‘cool’ is
Repulse me, but I do not flinch away in disgust,
Instead I extend a hand, offering you a tissue
To wipe away that shit from your mind!!

dedicated 2 you chris.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

'I&I in Jah'

Yet another one! I promise its the end of the love series!
Its actually a section of another peice (the smaller bellow it), but its the best part, so i croped it...done in oil pastels.

So lemmie break it down, the colour represents the vibrancy of young/new love. the squiggly black lines (for lack of a better word-lol) are the feel good vibes! The 3 cricles represent 'her/him' (or 'her/her', 'him/him' depending on your sexual orientation) which are the two circles together, and 'us' the larger seperate circle...

any particular reason i picked the colours i did? well i guess i was just feeling rasta-ish when i did this...
on that note, the two joint circles represent 'i&i' (which
means you and i/we) and the larger one is 'Jah' (Jah is love) either way you look at it, it all comes down to the same thing!!

Kiss in the rain-unfinished

Yes its another love piece! It seems it was the only distinct theme i had last year, so i thought i would post all the love theme pieces first. dont worry though, i think this might be the last one...
Its done in mixed media, watercolour and oil pastels. Its unfinished, and still raw...i could do alot to improve it i guess, but i doubt i have the time to.
The concept is a kiss in the rain...

Monday, January 5, 2009

LoVeArT - Toes

In additiob to the fingers, here are the toes to match, but they an old painting-you can still see the spirals from my sketchbook (I just edited and added the love hearts).
Thought it went cute with the fingers...

You might be wondering how love fingers and toes go together, well, maybe its just me but theres something sensual (in a soft way) about fingers and toes!

:-) Just a random post...

LoVeArT - Fingers

Kind of cute, huh?
Original picture was of all five fingers, palced on my hand bag, with love hearts on the fingernails...Inspiration? I was at a wedding that day; the speeches were long and boring, the table was covered in heart shaped confetti and the camera was place right infront of me...what else was there to do??!