Monday, April 6, 2009


Afro. Attitude. AfroTude.

A page from my old sketchbook.
Medium used is good old oil pastels!

The theme was hair as an extension of self.
The way we wear our hair often portrays an important part of our identity:
Long silky hair emphasizing femininity
Short crew cut emphasizing discipline and masculinity
Natural kinky hair emphasizing African ethnicity
...etc and the list could go on and on.
In particular, (at least to me) Afro's depict Defiant Bold Black Crowns (hence the 'attitude' - lol!!)
What better hairdo could I have picked to illustrate this?!

(This one is 4 u afrosistah, your afro poetry inspired this post! )


Sarah said...

"defiant bold black crowns"! ohh yeah- i'm feeling that one! :)

normzo said...

and i didnt even know hair speaks out like that....

Robyn said...

hey eizy
this is a creative piece

hb said...

ahh, i knew they were pastels as soon as i looked at it! it looks really good :)