Friday, April 17, 2009

Addicted to knowledge...

My mind is laced
With a hunger for knowledge, I chase
Enlightenment, so through words I forage,
Searching… for what I do not know,
Yet yearn to know.
Searching… for the light
To fight off the encroaching darkness of ignorance.
Searching… for the light
That bleached the colour of my innocence ;
Enough to expose my nakedness
But not enough to dispel the surrounding darkness.
It faded, at the edge of the unknown
Left me, naked,
Vulnerable as an animal of prey.
So I attempt to cloth myself in these pages
But even suits of degrees studded with shimmering masters and PhD’s
are not enough to cover gaping holes of questions
That the light burnt into my mind;
Causing a quenchless thirst for knowledge,
A lifetime of mental dehydration,
This is the scholars fate,
Only through death will it satiate.


Robyn said...

Hunger for knowledge comes with a cost.
How are you

eizzy.k said...

I'm good...burried somewhere between pages of a huge dusty text book...
aha the curse of knowledge...

Poetry in the Global Box said...

Indeed...your hunger for knowledge is an obsession I share. I really like this one.

streetsider said...

i recited this poem at the lantern presentation for the unesco cultral day at natinal theatre. i didnt know you wrote it though. several guys came up to me asking me to e-mail it to them, if you are the kind of person who likes such things then feel free to glow.

eizzy.k said...

@ streetsider - wow...uhm...i didnt know that! why didnt anyone tell me?!
wish i had been able 2 see u perform it...ah well.
sure u did it justice.