Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chemical Love

Hormonal reactions
Triggered by physical actions
Send chemicals surging
Through arteries and veins,
Like a shot of heroin
Cupid’s bullet to the brain;
Temporarily disabling all rational thinking,
Left suspended in a state of infatuation
A state of mental intoxication.
Chemical love;
The kind of love that gets you high...


normzo said...

with that i wanna get high.....

Robyn said...

the title and the body are one
i like this
straight forward

Ugandan girl said...

i want that kind of love....

Anonymous said...

i think you gave love a new meaning even though its something we all feel atleast once in our explore emotions in a completely honest and catchy way that one can not mistake your ultimate intentions and the fact that it is from personal experience that you draw your is a sensational piece.