Monday, September 28, 2009

Slam Poetry

So i get a heads up on a slam poetry night on this wednesday in KL, and ended up chatting to one of the brains behind the whole thing, and like as if i needed any convicing i decided that i was going to be there, front and centre! Maybe with a peice of folded up paper of poetry, just in case the urge to jump up on stage surfaces.
as you can tell i'm super excited to be going, googled the place and evrything! Its just that with the loads of poetry i had, i couldnt pick one! So that meant i had to drop (if anything will be dropping) something fresh.
So I put on my mellow poetic vibes, sat in a dark room, smokey with thoughts,
and i wrote:

Third world demons
Entwined in the curls of afro hair
Cast deep set shadows
On the faces of 'the dark people'
From the black continent.

I’m sure you’ve heard of them,
Seen them, know them…

Figures with hollowed eyes,
Coated with a buzz of flies,
Media lies…
Curled up looking all diseased and sickly,
But I am not sick.
The parasite makes me sick,
The Alcohol makes me weak,
The poverty makes me meek.

The shackles were broken a long time ago,
By freedom fighters,
But Still, laying on the dungeon floor,
A heap, unbound
with so much potential to be so much more…
But still laying on the floor,

In battle with myself over
Whether the arm or leg,
Banyankore or Buganda,
Malaysian or Indonesian,
Africans, European, Asians
Is more superior?

What is more superior?
Is it the neck or the head?
Or is it just what we are fed
Aren’t we all part of the same body,
Same country,
Same ethnicity,
Same human beings?

Just organs,
Of different biological functions
But all made of cells?

Is Black really dark,
Or is it our own shadows that tint us?
Sometimes we act possessed,
Most of us are media obsessed,
Used and confused,

Side-effects of
Third world demon mind tricks.

Usually my poems are short and sweet, but i made this a little hevier, longer, "slam-ier" (if such a word exists).
currently untitiled, but nomiated to be the poem i perform at my first open mic ever...


L.A. Lutara said...

i like it....its got alotta punch...or in this case alotta slam...go show em up!

Sarah said...

slam-ier indeed! its the "in yo face" kinda poetry! i love it! good luck =)

eizzy.k said...

ehm....itd D-Day....and suddenly my slam piece aint looking to tight...

think i may need to fix it or just take an older SHORTER simpler piece...


Samuel said...

very objective!...brings out reality in what modern society has baffled with a plastic smile....i bet steven biko is stirring in his grave!"Being black is not a matter of pigmentation - being black is a reflection of a mental attitude."and u R the true black attitude!