Thursday, October 1, 2009

Untitled Slam off the top of the dome

In a place where bare thighs
Lustful eyes
Are vivid in the daytime everyday social scene
Its hard to continue rockin your old crocs and jeans .

In a place where money crowns you king of the jungle,
And more than just two can do the sexual tango
Its hard to relate to the opposite sex,
Especially if your not after their sex…

In a place where faces are made up in make up
And boobs aint boobs if they cant fit into a C cup,
Its hard for a sister to be seen naked,
Or be noticed if she doesn’t look like she gonna give it up…

In a place where the poison is in plenty and sweet,
And seemingly innocent sweets are Viagra tweaked,
It’s hard to stay sober,
Or know whether you’re standing behind the boundary or if you’re already over it!

In a place where the past is hard to get past,
And old friends with strings are still attached to your Ship’s mast,
It’s hard to just let go and go with the wind,
Hard to touch someone else when you’re still wearing his ring.

In a place where small talk is common
And smooth lies are a popular side dish right after fries,
It’s hard to have a real conversation,
Because getting to know a person isn’t often the main motivation.

It’s hard to maintain your essence and stay fresh
When you’re on heavy rotation
Trying out different selves in attempt not to stay on the shelf,
Sex sells.
Cultures based on retail.
What else can you do but accelerate when you’re on a high way,
Apart from keep your hands on the wheel
Steady, otherwise you might derail…


Sleek said...

wow easy..marry me. I have socks, what more would you want eh? Love this piece...

philo-so-far said...

best piece ur wicked mind has ever come up with,kudos

eizzy.k said...

the ending sucks ass...not the best work...but it has potential...