Thursday, December 11, 2008

Down the Drain

I turn the shower on
And let the water drip, slip, down into the drain
Washing away the day’s remains.
Limp limbs hanging heavy
Shoulders slumped surrendering to my. . .
Mind, slipping;
Can’t hold onto my thoughts
Like water through fingers, dripping
My concentration is dwindling
Like the limited light of a lone candle
In the vast darkness of the night;
It’s futile.
So I close my eyes,
Feel the water cascade down my face
In little streams like tears,
From the heavens
moistening the dry earth, I am
I release a sigh,
That comes out a cry
And sounds hollow
And dry
Like the echo of a once supple well.
I used to be well, but now
I’m not feeling that well…
So I let the water run away
With my current state of disarray,
Washing my body,
Cleansing my soul,
As I am physically mentally emotionally

*I been feeling down lately so i decided 2 write and put it into the form of poetry and off my mind*


Ugandan girl said...

hey hun...i like this piece...i have so been there, done that and bought the t-shirt trust me...

Best way i get it out of my system i not a confrontational person..but when i write i give it my all...

Hope you feel better soon..xx

eizzy.k said...

thanx! Yeah, it does help!

Robyn said...

I dont normally do ong poems but i love this one a good bath drains away problems alot.I love the way you write cos thats wat am about "the art of freeverse"

AlooFar said...

This is a brilliant poem.
You're just a gifted poet.


eizzy.k said...

thanx afoo, and hey, hw u doin?
;-) LoL

ujo said...

that poem is good man! you should checkout my other blog, http://eugenethomas.wordpress.comsse

eizzy.k said...

thanx...i will ujo

shine said...

wow. i felt every second of this. powerful.