Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The colour of my people

Warm milky chocolate complexion
spiked bitter-sweet by dark coils of afro hair,
wisps of liquorish eyelashes,
curled and lush,
crust on the edges like a pie
along hazelnut eyes.
A cool sweetness about those blackcurrant stained lips
and mint white teeth.
Soft and smooth hands and feet
with butter colour yellow palms and souls
laced with caramel fingers and toes.
Scoops of brown sugar booty,
breasts overflowing the bowl
like a chocolate fudge sundae with cherries on top.
Some, mixed cookies with cinnamon freckles
and chocolate chip bits,
don’t make them less delicious than
sun baked biscuit brown brothers and sisters.
Others, black coffee, no sugar no cream,
with a lingering aftertaste
like a lucid dream...

My eyes feasted on the colour of my people!


Ugandan girl said...

Oh my this is the first time someone has described me so sweet....how you be..

eizzy.k said...

Took me a long time before i could apteciate my colour! (See the sistahood post for more about that)
but now that i do, its the most satisfying colour in the world to me!
Put your hands up all my brown people! :-)

ujo said...

breasts overflowing the bowl LOL!

great description of our african Sistaz ryt there!!!

eizzy.k said...

yup, we curvatious like that!
though not all mind you...

shine said...

lovely! what a tribute. we are such beautiful people--all shades and tones.