Thursday, September 17, 2009

Locked out...

Little black girl
In a big bad world
Sat in the doorway
Head bowed,
Arms warped around her knees,

Alone, locked out.
He invited her in.

Swung the door open and approached, her
Nose flared, trying to catch the smell of coffee, sex, ill intent…
The air was clear, but her mind was fogged with conditioned stereotypes
That cast shadowy figures of black erections and beady black eyes in dark alleyways
Wifebeaters, blunts and beer,
A sense of fear
Was her initial reaction to him,
a brother, neighbor, possible friend, possible rapist,

He invited her in,

Offering her a place to wait until the locksmith came
She smiled and said no.
She was fine, although she really wasn’t,
She’d rather wait it out, alone
Than in a room of black men.

He opened the door,
She closed it and sat in the doorway
Locked out.


philo-so-far said... where was this,with the black erections n watever other disturbing things

Yusuf Martin said...

I understand that you are new to Malaysia - welcome. Enjoy


eizzy.k said...

yes i am...thanks Yusuf! heard theres an open mic night this week, when and wheres is that? anything i should censor, of is freedom of speach really practiced here???

Philo, figure it out.... :-P