Friday, August 7, 2009

Ready made paintings for sale (Just add water) lol

So a friend of mine has all these paintings crowding in his room which he wants to get rid of, so i thougt why not put them on my blog, see if anyone is interested in them.
They are pretty big and price is negotiable so ya...holla at me if you are interested. (send me an email at if you dont want to put you number/contacts out there for potential stalkers to pick up) or simply leave your contact under the comments and i'll get at you soon. (we can fedex them too for those beyond borders). LoL.

'The Red drape of Motherhood' - Going at 200,000/= (negotiable)

'Dusk of boyhood' - 180,000/= (negotiable)

'under her wing' - 150,000/= (negotiable)



jny23 said...

These are really nice. Am'a call yu really soon.

Meanwhile miss Eve is enjoying her new home but i guess she'll need some company when i go away to work.

Sarah said...

Ahhh i hate being broke! Love the pictures!

mark slater said...

Hi, Eizzy! Sorry to repost this long message again. I just wanted to make sure you got it and I didn't know your email address.

Glad you dig "Headshot!". The book is now, finally, available and you can order yours by heading over to the Canadian Zombies website -

The books are 5$ CAN each + shipping and handling. Send a cheque to the address listed under the membership section. Unfortunately, we don't have the PayPal account up and running yet.

That is a good point - I really should think about doing more afro zombies... we've got one in the book but he isn't very exciting - a "Voodoo Zombie". Maybe more next time. :)

So yeah! That's how you can get your hands on a copy of "Headshot!"

If you have any more questions or comments just let me know, or before you mail any sort of cheque. Then I can let Clayton know to work out how much shipping stuff to Africa would cost.

Also, check out my blog now - I've updated it and we actually have a bunch of other cool merch that we're offering, including flashlights, pens and pencils, buttons and a mug! :)

Thanks for your interest, Eizzy!

I K Nakueira said...

hey, am really interested in d first painting. I would however like to know d media used n whether its on canvas?

nice pics.

eizzy.k said...

Hey y'all, sorry for the late reply! yup, the first is in oil paint on canvas...shall i book it 4 you...

(thier not mine btw, just helping out someone...)